Thursday, January 26, 2012


Elder Parkinson and I with the training sisters, Sister Morrell and Sister Bills.  Sister Morrell and I came out to Ohio at the same time. The Training Sisters are kind of like Sister AP's - their job is to manage Kirtland Historic Sites

 Elder Hicks and I trying on hats at the Newel K. Whitney store. 

 Michael, who we did a mini-mission with.  He should be going on a mission soon.  I told him to get a haircut!

 Michael, Erica's little boy.  Crazy little guy!

 The Wrights- Another one of my favorite, super missionary-minded families.  Their girls are the funniest, most well-behaved girls I've ever met.

 Mrs. Lopez in her younger years.  She and her husband were very good dancers.  Isn't this picture cool!!  I feel like it should be in a history book somewhere.

Mrs Lopez today, at age 85.  She was really sad that I was leaving.  Sweet old lady.

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