Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Pictures!

 Elders Hokanson (left), Smith (right), and I are sweater buddies! I was mid-changing to go do some service...

 Left to right: Erica's sister Amanda, Erica, me, Elder Hicks (my replacement) and Michael. Erica threw me a going-away party.

 Me with the Hokansons.  She is the secretary and he is the referrals/supplies manager.  They're from Star Valley, Wyoming.

 Me with the Smiths.  She is in charge of our apartments and our money, and he is in charge of vehicles.  I told them that I'll be coming over for many Sunday dinners while at BYU!  They're from Lehi, Utah.

 Sister Gircsis.  We did service in and around her barn for her.  She was less-active, but ever since we went over and started doing service for her, she has been coming to church for the past couple of months!

 The Palmers- one of my favorite families, super missionary-minded and we worked with them a lot with Erica.  They remind me a lot of Christine and Bryce.

The Westons (Bro. Westons was in Texas at the time). 
When Sister Weston was telling Tyler (the little boy to my right) that they were going to a party to say goodbye to a missionary, he said "oh no mom, it's not the one who I had a juice race with is it??" And she was really confused and then remembered how my first week in North Olmsted we had dinner at their house and I challeneged him to a juice race (who could drink their juice first). He won. and apparently still remembers it. Sister Weston laughed when she remembred and told him that it was that missionary and he said "He's a fine misisonary. You and dad should try to be more like him" Hahahahaa! The Westons are another one of my favorite families. They're moving to Alaska for his work. They said I can visit and we can go ice fishing :)

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