Monday, July 30, 2012

Bonnie's Baptism!

This week was very exciting with the baptism of Bonnie! The service was held Friday evening and was a very uplifting service (as they all usually are). Sister Maas and Brother Winters both gave powerful talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost, and after the ordinance we were privileged with a musical number by Sister Randell and Sister Neville (who Elder Bills and I taught when I was here last year). I performed the baptism and did it just the way she asked me to - dunked her hard and fast! Bonnie admitted to us the day before the baptism that she has a fear of water and that if anything happened to cause me to have to baptize her a second time (her foot or hair or something was not submerged), she wasn't sure if she could handle going under a second time. We assured her that everything would work out and it would be okay. In my mind I was thinking, this is a great thing to tell someone who has never baptized anyone before. Great. About 30 minutes before the service, we practiced (as we had earlier that week) and our Relief Society President, Sister Dayton, suggested that I step on her toes to make sure that she didn't float up. I visualized myself stepping on her toes and then falling over or something crazy. But Bonnie really liked that idea. Great. So the last talk is given and Bonnie and I are excused to lead everyone to the baptismal font, my companion and her husband following closely behind (he's the man in the picture). We got in there, the water was a perfect temperature and height, I raised my arm, said the prayer, and dunked her. She went down hard and fast - none of this graceful, movie-worthy baptism. This was the real deal. But she went all the way under and it worked! She got a little bit of water up her nose, but felt very happy and energized. We had a good turn-out from the ward and lots of cookies afterwards.

We picked up a new investigator this week - her name is Haileigh (said like Hailey). She is 16 and is dating one of the young men in our ward. We have taught her twice now and she is doing well. We're trying to make sure she wants to learn for herself (not her boyfriend) which you see a lot as missionaries. It will be difficult to develop your own testimony if the intentions are in the right place. But she's a very nice, sweet girl and seems to have a desire for your own spiritual welfare. We will hopefully be meeting with her mother in the next week or so to make sure it's okay to continue teaching. Yesterday we had lunch together and then taught about who Jesus Christ is. We watched the short-film, Find Faith in Christ.

We also had a great lesson with Keith this week - someone whose been working on getting back into the church. He was baptized in his early teens and, now in his 30's, is relearning a lot of the doctrine of the church. He's been doing amazing though - he's come to church the last two weeks, he's been reading and praying almost every day, and yesterday when we went over, I swear his eyes looked lighter. There was a glow or light in his eyes that wasn't there two months ago and I pointed out to him how the Spirit was with him. You could see it in his eyes. I've been told that before (that the eyes are the window to the soul) and that people have a glow, but I've never really seen it until Keith yesterday. There's not only an emotional and spiritual change that he's experiencing, but a literal, physical change. Anyways, I'm just so excited for him and all the changes he's been making to become worthy for the Spirit and the temple. He's such a great great guy and we love him.

I got a text this week from Elder Hansen (who is serving up in Cleveland now) telling me that he was with some of the Single Adults in Cleveland and that Erica was there! She went to the temple to perform temple baptisms that day and when I asked him how she felt, he said that it was an extremely spiritual experience and it made her day; she can't believe this is a reality. :) That made me happy - to hear that she is doing well and is progressing in the gospel. I also got a letter this week from the Vermillion family which I was ecstatic to receive (I taught them in Findlay and they were baptized in February of 2011)! They are doing really well and are planning on going to the temple to be sealed as a family this September! Oh, how I wish I could be there with them! I guess we'll see what happens, but I am very, very happy for them. Missions are so great!

Saturday, the Canton Ward had a ward party - a Pioneer Picnic to celebrate pioneer day (which was last week). Afterwards, Elder Montgomery and I drove over to a part-member, less-active family's house who we haven't been able to get a hold of for a long time. We pulled up, prayed, and when we got out of the car we saw them getting into their van and begin to pull-out of the driveway. We walked up and waited at the end and when they saw us, the husband (a member) came out and was very friendly and told us that they were on their way to watch the fireworks that the Football Hall of Fame puts on to officially begin Hall of Fame Week. He asked us if we wanted to come with them and I felt like we really needed to go, so we said yes! We followed-them to downtown Canton to a big parking lot they go to every year to watch the fireworks from. We parked and as we were walking to a better spot to sit, we saw the Hornings - a large family in our ward and one of my favorites! They had invited us to come there with them that night but we declined, and when they saw us they motioned us over to them. So we and this part-member family all went over and sat near them. I was dumbfounded how perfectly orchestrated the whole night turned out to be. There were children and grandchildren who were the same ages as the family we had arrived with, and immediate fellowship took place. The wife of the family we were with's parents and sister showed up and we got to talk with them all night until the fireworks came on. It was a great show and the whole experience was a perfect opportunity to have time to really get to know the family. They are really nice and said we could come over to their house sometime to talk more - we will be calling them today. They are strong in their faith and know very little about our church. So we'll see what happens. I just thought the whole night was so cool - we showed up at the perfect time, he had to have felt prompted to invite us to come with them (how easily could he have said, We're actually just heading out now, why don't you call us and we can set something up?), and then members of the church are sitting in the exact spot we were heading towards. It was one of those moments that makes you go, God is in control!

I only have 8 Sunday's left here in Ohio, but whose counting? (actually, I am. But not counting for the sake of a count-down, counting because it freaks me out!!!). I can't believe how fast time goes by now! I am grateful for the countless opportunities and blessings that I have receive here on my mission. I know these last months will go by fast, but I'm ready to work my tail off until the sun goes down on September 25th. Because it's all true and it's all worth it. Hope everyone has an awesome week and it's not too hot wherever you're at!

Love, Elder Dransfield

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Trip to the Chiropractor

Yesterday was my 22nd month mark - I'm still in denial that I can count on one hand how many months I have left. I began formulating the following plan to prevent my releasal - when they drop us off at the Cleveland airport, I would "go to the bathroom" only to mysteriously disappear. Then for the rest of my life, I could remain a missionary - only to be known as the lone missionary who wanders from terminal to terminal, handing out pass-along-cards and proclaiming the gospel to all who travel through Cleveland. The idea sounded great until I thought - who would catch me first? My mission president? The police? Or my mom. Definitely mom. The plan wouldn't work... Anyways-- this is just a distraction. My week:

For the last almost 2 weeks, I have been suffering from some minor headaches. They start at the base of my skull (where my neck and skull meet - in that "behind the eyes" migraine spot) and slowly creep up to my temples and then across my forehead. Once it wraps around my whole head, I feel like someone is squeezing my forehead and pushing on the back of my eyes - it's not very comfortable. At first I tried to ignore it because the squeezing wasn't too bad, but by Thursday I began to feel nauseous and figured I should call the mission president's wife - who then referred me to the mission doctor. Apparently I have tension headaches and was told that I need to see a chiropractor - preferably a member who could do it for free.

Well, Friday we had plans to go up to Kirtland to see an annual musical produced by the stake called "This is Kirtland!" We are able to bring investigators to see those kinds of things and we had arranged for Bonnie and 5 or 6 members to all go up that afternoon. Bonnie had to cancel the day before due to family responsibilities, and the trip was going to be canceled. But then one of the members told us how she had invited a nonmember friend whose done quite a bit with missionaries in the past and that she would be coming. Plus, Shaker Heights (my last ward) is right along the way to Kirtland and the Elders Quorum President in that ward is a Chiropractor that had always offered to adjust us or help us with any problems we had. So we made the arrangements to go by his office on the way to Kirtland and then to his house on the way back (a double dose of back and neck fixing). He showed me lots of different neck exercises that should help the headaches to go away and taught me a little bit how the body, spine, and skull work. I was so grateful for his help - he and the mission doctor both said that if the headaches haven't subsided within a week that I will need to see another (more local) chiropractor. So we'll see! I am feeling significantly better today, but can still feel a very light pressure at the base of my skull.

But the Kirtland musical was really impressive. It tells the story of Kirtland and the talent all comes from those in the Kirtland Stake. It was fun for me to see many members who I had worked with in the Shaker Heigths Ward and Young Single Adults Branch. But the story, songs, dancing, and everything is original and I was really impressed by it all. This is their 9th year producing it.

We've been following-up with a lot of people who Elder Harris and I tracted into last transfer and have been teaching a lot of people for the first time. Unfortunately, teaching people you meet at a door are not always as reliable as when someone refers a friend to learn more (unless that person is Erica...). But we keep looking and trying to work with the ward to help them do missionary work. One of the youth invited his girlfriend to church yesterday and we will be teaching her today at their Family Home Evening. We're excited to teach her!

Here's a typical story of how Elder Dransfield is treated at dinners... We had a member and her two sons take us out to eat at Panera Bread. We ordered, sat down, they brought us our food, we blessed it, and began to eat. Well I must have eaten too quickly, because the member (who is Russian mind you) said "You must still be hungry! Let's go get you more food!" I tried to tell her that I was full, but there was no getting around it - I had to order another sandwich. I whispered to the missionary I was on exchanges with (Elder Davies) and asked him to help me eat half, but he wouldn't. So I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more. We finished and I felt like the purple balloon girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when the member said, "Now let's go get you some frozen yogurt at Menchies!" By the end of dinner, they had to roll me out of the Menchies. Ugh... I ate too much and guess what? I didn't gain a pound. My whole mission everyone has told me they will fatten me up. And all have failed. :(

Everything is going well though. Once I get over these headaches I'll be able to go 100mph again. Bonnie's baptism is this Friday. She asked me to baptize her - this will be the first time I physically baptize someone. It'll be a special experience I'm sure. We'll be spending these next few days staying busy, making calls, creating more plans for the baptism. I'm excited :)

Have a great week! Love, Elder Dransfield

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another week in July

We kept very busy this week. We had dinner and a lesson with Bonnie at her soon-to-be Visiting Teachers house (who is also the Stake Relief Society President). It was delicious and amazing. We're pushing her date back a week due to some complications with her Kidney Stones. She continues to study diligently and grow in her faith. She has had so much opposition: first her health and now her job. About a month or so ago, Bonnie decided she needed to do something about working on Sundays so that she could come to church and keep the Sabbath Day holy. She prayed and received an answer to simply ask her boss. She did so and received permission to have all of her Sundays off. We were all very excited! Well, a few weeks ago the management was changed and her new boss started to give her grief for asking for all Sundays off. She explained that she would work any day, any time, she just needed her Sunday mornings off. This did not fly very well with her boss. This last week, they began to lay people off and Bonnie only having worked there for 6 months knew that she could be on chopping block. She walked into work this last Saturday and as soon as she did she heard her name on the overhead speaker to come to the boss' office. She went and he pointed out the fact that they had already let one person go and asked if she would still like to request Sunday mornings off. She said, "We live in America - I think I should be allowed to hold a job and want to go to church." And he said something along the lines of "Well, we can fix that..." - he stamped some paper with her information on it and said "you're fired." Talk about receiving opposition. Bonnie is not too worried - she is remaining faithful that things will work out, and she has her masters and much experience with different jobs. We introduced her to the employment specialist and the ward is going to help her find a new job. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" - Hymn #27 Praise to the Man.

I just texted her here at the library. This is our conversation: Us: We forgot to ask you yesterday - have you passed 3 Nephi 11 yet? Her: Yes! Us: What do you think?? What chapter are you on? Her: It blows me away, and I know it's true. I'm starting Ether.

Her commitment and desire is so great. She is amazing! :)

This last week we probably did 10 to 15 hours of service. We weeded and mulched, we weeded some more, we helped organize the sink section at the Habitat for Humanity, and more. It's taken a lot of our time, but it's been nice to serve. They love us at the Habitat for Humanity - probably because we work the hardest out of everyone there and don't get paid for it. They're always confused why we would come there without needing any signatures or proof of service. We have been trying to slip in little comments about the church or our missions here and there. Hopefully we can find some teaching opportunities through it all!

This week was Elder Becksted's 20th birthday. We didn't see any presents or anything come in the mail, so we planned a last minute surprise birthday party at the Holley's (the senior couple) apartment. After our last appointment, we ran over to the dollar tree and bought some balloons and streamers. The Holley's bought a cake (they would have made it but didn't have time) and then called the Elders and asked them to come over and help them with something on the computer. They came over around 9:15pm and we did the usual "surprise!" and singing and cake-eating. We had a nice time and Elder Becksted seemed touched.

Let's see...what else is there...? Oh yeah!!! My new companion...

My new companion is Elder Montgomery. He is from West Jordan, Utah, he's been on his mission for about 4 months, and I already love his guts. He's a hard worker and isn't afraid to open his mouth and teach/talk to people, so we've been going a million miles per hour together. I'm guessing we will serve together until I go home. I'll have a picture and more info about him next week. And hopefully more stories. We've been contacting many potential investigators we've found through our tracting efforts the last few weeks and are having success doing so.

But life is great and the work moves forward! I love my mission and the amazing power of the Atonement in all of our lives. Stay cool and have a great week!

Love, Elder Dransfield

Elders in our district Elder Becksted's 20th surprise birthday party

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's..............TRANSFER TIME!!!

Is Elder Dransfield being transferred or not?? You'll have to read to find out!

Boy...what a week. This has been one of the hottest July's Ohio has ever seen (or so they say). We only tracted about 7 hours this week because of the heat. But with plenty of water to drink and many silent prayers offered, we survived. Several houses would have us come inside and give us glasses of ice water. They wouldn't be interested but would ask us questions about what we do and we were able to explain to them how different we are than other missionaries. How we leave home for 2 years and pay our own way. They are always very complimentary but politely explain they are satisfied by where they are at. And then we have the other kinds of people who yell at us and slam the door in our face. But it's all good, especially when Heavenly Father sends a nice cool breeze your way - tender mercies.

This week our investigator Bonnie was "out of commission." She had to cancel our appointment Monday evening due to not feeling very good, and shortly thereafter found out she has kidney stones :( The stones have been very painful and have brought her to the doctors twice. I was talking to our Relief Society President, Sister Dayton, about it and she explained it as being as bad as giving birth but you don't get anything (a child) out of it. Yikes! So we have been calling and texting Bonnie daily to keep tabs on her and were going to give her a blessing but she was rushed to the E.R. before we could. She is doing much better now and is on bed rest until Wednesday. We will pick-up our lessons then and will continue to prepare her for baptism! She is amazing though. She truly understands the gospel and the magnitude of it all and her desire to follow Christ is evident. I cannot wait for her to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.

Things have been pretty normal other than that. We were able to do some service yesterday for Fred and Michelle (she's a member). I am now a master at spraying poison on weeds and filling wheel-barrows up with mulch. And I offer free labor - can't get much better than that! They always feed us huge meals afterwards and give us half of their fridge to take home. They treat us well and we're grateful for them and their kindness. Yesterday they barbequed burgers topped with grilled pineapple, a mango-chipotle sauce, and Gouda cheese. Mmmmm!

Tonight we will be doing some service for the amazing Maas family. I have to pay tribute to this wonderful, amazing family who does so much for us (including reading my blog every week and saying how I need to mention them more). I wish I could be JUST like this wonderful BYU family and make dough boys (a fire-pit dessert) every day with them. Every time their youngest daughter sees me she asks "are you the one who saved the bee?" - a year ago I got a bee out of their house for them, so I'm the bee-hero. Haha. They DO always text us with really cool missionary experiences they have. We invited them to pray for missionary experiences and Sister Maas told us that whenever she does, her husband gets all the cool opportunities to share the gospel. Three days later, she called and told us about how every day since she has had experiences to share her testimony with her friends. When you pray for missionary opportunities, God sends miracles! Maas family - I hope this paragraph and mini-bio is sufficient. :)

Sister Haas showed up at church this week again. This time she stayed for all three hours. We had a nice time catching up and it was so great to see her there again. Hopefully we'll be able to go out to lunch this week and hopefully be able to rekindle what little of a testimony she has still burning. She's a nice lady and I know the gospel could bless her life so much if she would let it.

We also have been having a great time teaching Keith and Tracey. They are siblings who were baptized as teenagers with their mother. They didn't remain active and we have had the privilege of teaching them the fundamentals of the gospel. We have been focusing a lot on prayer and how important it is in our Heavenly Father's plan (it's relation to the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, etc.). Yesterday's lesson was really cool - we read the Sacrament prayers together (how prayer is related to church) and their was a wonderful spirit present as we did so. I love reading the scriptures with non-members or less-active members and showing them how rich the scriptures are - especially the Book of Mormon. I'm not sure I can read them without being uplifted by the Spirit and feeling such a strong desire come over me to share the gospel with everyone. I know that prayer is so important in our lives here on earth. A quote from Preach My Gospel that I love about prayer goes as follows: "The trouble with most of our prayers is that we give them as if we were picking up the telephone and ordering groceries--we place the order and hang up. We need to meditate, contemplate, think of what we are praying about and for and then speak to the Lord as one man speaketh to another" (Gordon B. Hinckley, Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, 469).

We have found many people lately through tracting. This is good but scares me a little because the fellowshipping comes a little slower and the "anti" seems to come much faster. Hopefully we will be able to do all we can to minister to these 4 people we've recently began teaching and help them do what is needed to gain their own testimonies of the truthfulness of this church. I do love tracting though. Being able to testify over and over that our Heavenly Father has, again, reached out to His children in love and has called a latter-day prophet on the earth, and the only way one can know if this is true is by reading from the Book of Mormon and praying, with real-intent, to ask if it's true. If the Book of Mormon, the rest is a domino effect - Joseph Smith truly was a prophet, he restored the same church that Christ did back to the earth, the heavens are open, families can be together forever, we have a prophet today, etc. I love it because I can feel the Spirit every time I talk about it. The Spirit is how God "notifies" us of truth. It's that simple! I love the simplicity of the gospel, because I'm not very smart but can still figure it out :)

So I'm not being transferred. We got the call last night and Elder Harris will be leaving tomorrow. He is sad to go, but we are glad to go where the Lord wants us to go. I don't know who my new companion will be, but I know that we are supposed to labor here in Canton together, and I am excited for this. There is much work to be done, and as we diligently and joyfully work, I know that we will find success. I will most likely be in Canton for the rest of my mission (I have 2 transfers left - 11 weeks (this next one is only 5 weeks long instead of the regular 6 to accommodate to the change in our mission presidency)). I am very glad that I will be staying - I love it here. I love the people, I love the area, and I love the ward members. It will be a great last couple transfers.

Love you all. Stay cool (I'm not sure if it's hot where everyone else is, but I assume it is). The church is true. If you're questioning it, get over yourself and ask God. That's the phrase I'm known for by the other missionaries now - "get over it." haha, I'll have to explain in another email. I promise I'm not mean. Just practical.

Love, Elder Dransfield

A new mission president, a new game, a new running path, a new Kirtland experience, a new week! (Sent on 7/2/12)

This week we met our new mission president and his family - the Vellinga's! They are from Utah and are so excited to be here. On Saturday, the Akron and Youngstown Zones met together for their mission tour. It was a 2 hour meeting where they gave some talks (get-to-know you kind of talks) and left time at the end for a Q&A about them. He and his wife have 8 children and their youngest is actually out here with them - she is a junior in high school and will be in Ohio with her parents until she goes off to school. It was a very different meeting than we were all used to - the Sorensen's were much more formal and reverent. This meeting was a little bit more like a fireside feel. Regardless, it was a great meeting, and I know that the Vellinga's are just what this mission needs! The Sorensen's are deeply missed, but will not be forgotten!

Last Monday we played Corn Hole (and I actually attached pictures this time!). It's a popular game in Ohio where you and a partner stand at two different sides, marked by two corn hole boards. You have 5 colored bean bags and are playing against another team with 5 different colored bean bags. You take turns throwing the bags to the other side, in attempts to either land on the board or in the hole. On the board is 1 point, in the hole is 3 (and you have to yell "CORN HOLE" when you make it...or so they say). So for example, Sister Holley and I were against each other but stood on the same side. We had our 5 colored bean bags and would take turns throwing; I throw one, she throws one, I throw one, she throws one.. until all 10 have been thrown. The trick is, you can knock each others bean bags off. AND your points cancel out each other. So if I made a corn hole, and then she made a corn hole, they negate each other and don't count as points. In the end of each round, you count up the points and then the players on the other side do the same thing. You do this until you reach 21 points. It was surprisingly fun and we had a blast! Unfortunately, the Holley's beat Elder Hansen and I. haha we were pretty embarrassed!

This week we also had a trip up to Kirtland with Bonnie. It was probably one of the best trips of my mission! We drove up at 9am and made it before the rush of tours began. Sister Tokunaga and Sister Rasmussen got special permission from Elder Edman (the sights director) to give us a tour even though it wasn't there day to be at sites. Bonnie just ate it all up. The history of it all, the spirit of it all, just everything. We did a tour, then ate our packed lunches, and then went to a room we had reserved to watch the movie, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It gives a great reenactment of the history of Joseph Smith. Bonnie loved it and said that it was all so contrary to what her church had taught her growing up. She didn't know that the Saints were driven out of the eastern states to Utah, she was taught that they fled there so they could practice their evil worship and practices hidden in the mountains. Yeah right. It was a wonderful experience and the Spirit was very strong the whole tour. I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to go. While we were there I got to see lots of missionaries I served around when I was in my last area, Shaker Heights. I got to see Elder Hicks and Elder Ingersoll (who I've been companions with) and Elder Crowley who is on a service mission - he gets to help with the upkeep of all the historical buildings. They are currently working on restoring the Joseph Smith Jr. Home which the church just recently purchased. It will eventually be part of the sites.

Yesterday at church I had a few special experiences. First was during Sacrament meeting. We were sitting there, looking for a part-member family who had told us they would be coming to church. They never showed, but who DID show was Sister Haas! She was a recent-convert who Elder Bills and I taught very often last year. She left the church due to some stress and pressures from lawyers (something about her parent's trust fund and paying tithing, I'm not sure) and hasn't been back in 9+ months. She moved up north towards Akron so she's not even in our ward boundaries anymore. But she walked into Sacrament Meeting last yesterday and when I walked up to her afterwards she squealed and gave me a big hug! She was so thrilled to see me and wants to meet up for lunch sometime. It amazed me to see how the Lord has orchestrated some many things in our lives so that we can continue to help all those around us come closer to him. Hopefully we will be seeing Sister Haas some more and help her with her testimony.

Another cool experience was yesterday at Elder and Sister Holley's grandson's baptism. Their oldest daughter and her family are doing a church history trip and have come to stop in Canton for a number of days to be with grandma and grandpa and to see Kirtland. Well one of the kids had just turned 8, and they got special permission to have his baptism here in our ward yesterday. The Holley's asked us to be the witnesses, and during church I was asked last minute to play the piano. I was happy to help, until I realized that one of the songs was a little too difficult for me to play well enough for a baptismal service. So I pulled Sister Neville aside (Elder Bills and I taught the Nevilles last year) and asked if she could play for me. She said she could and followed me and my companion to the chapel where the baptismal service was to begin in about 30 minutes (this was all immediately following church). Her and I sat down on the piano bench and she began to play the primary songs while I softly sang them to her. After we were all situated, I played the prelude and when the meeting began I sat down on the stand by Sister Neville to act as the chorister. As I sat during the service by this recent-convert who I was privileged to teach and help lead to baptism, I thought "Wow! What a tender mercy this is - how many missionaries get to baptize someone and then a year later sit next to them as they assist in someone else's baptism?" It was a very special experience and I was touched for having the opportunity to do that with her. We will be playing a piano duet in a few weeks in sacrament meeting together - again, how cool is that? The convert and her missionary doing a musical number together. Jenny and Phil will be going to the temple next month and we are so excited for them. And today is their anniversary actually! (Happy anniversary!) And happy (early) anniversary to my parents too (tomorrow)!!

Well, my computer only has 9 minutes left so I had better wrap this up. To answer some questions - yes it's been extremely and unusually hot and humid. We were tracting and a girl told me she had just come back from Texas. I said, Oh well this is probably not as hot as there. And she said, Oohhh no. This is much worse than Texas despite what you may think. Yikes! But we survive, many people offer us water bottles. Life is great though. Elder Becksted (one of the Elders I live with) and I run every morning and I no longer drink pop - so I feel so much more energized and refreshed every day! :) I love my mission with all my heart. It's been amazing 21 months and will be an even more amazing last 3. I will cherish every memory I have gained and can see how things I have learned will help me throughout the rest of my life. This is just further proof of the truthfulness of the gospel - the wonderful effects it has on our lives. I know that through Jesus Christ, we can change and receive strength. I know that as we repent and endure through life, we will find joy and stability. I know this church is the same church which Jesus Christ Himself established on the church thousands of years ago. It is true and it is amazing.

Again, thank you for all the prayers and wonderful letters and thoughts you send my way. I couldn't do it without my fans! :)

Love, Elder Dransfield