Friday, July 1, 2011

Toledo - Round 2

What a crazy week this has been! Elder McMillan is adjusting so well to the mission field and is a great companion. His desire to work and be diligent blows me away! We're learning a lot from one another and are having a blast! We've been SO blessed to have already had so many teaching opportunities. When I was trained, I didn't get to teach a non-member until I had been out for weeks! My trainee is pretty lucky to have me ;)

When we arrived we immediately started going through former investigators, headquarter referrals, and member referrals that had not yet been contacted. Through them, we've found 5 new investigators!
We first found Remmell and his family. Remmell's mother was a member in the Perrysburg Ward and had always told her son how good the church was to her. She has since passed but her example has left a lasting impression on him. Remmell says he and his wife have tried "all the churches in Toledo except the Mormons, so this has to be the right now." Their economic standing is a little shaky and they live in a pretty run-down area of Toledo. They do not have a car and finding a ride for a family of 5 is proving to be a difficult task. We will continue to teach them and see if we can't find a way for them to attend church and become a little bit more self-reliant. They do want to be baptized and learn more, so we will continue to teach them!

This week we also contacted a headquarter referral that was weeks old for someone requesting a Family Answers movie. We called and set up an appointment with Kathleen for the next day, and she allowed us to share with her the message of the restoration. She didn't really know what to think of the message and the idea of baptism scared her, but she says she is willing to read the Book of Mormon and learn more. We are going back on Wednesday. She lives in a senior living home and another member lives with her. Perfect fellowship!

We also have gotten back into contact with Sister Fink and Faith!
Elder Perkins and I taught them a lot last October/November and had a great time. It's awesome to be back and get to see them again!

Now a little bit about Elder McMillan...
- Hometown: Lindon, UT
- Age: 19
- Least Favorite Food: Green Beans
- Things he's good at: Drumming
- Fav. Book of Mormon Character: Samuel the Lamanite
- Family: 3 older brothers (all served missions), 1 younger brother

Our apartment was pretty dirty when we got there. We've spent hours cleaning it and just bought some ant poison to take care of some little pests. We've had to do an apartment make-over to make it not so gross to live in. We live in a two-story condo that is pretty nice.
It's crazy to live with only one other missionary again! And this will be my first time not sharing a ward with 2 other elders! There are so many changes that I am excited for, but will take some getting used to. Elder McMillan and I are excited about the work and are glad to be given the challenge of building this area back up. I feel like I'm going to be doing a lot of growing and learning during these next few transfers and am so grateful and excited to have Elder McMillan as my companion.

Life is good when you're being obedient and have the Spirit with you!
I'm loving every minute of my mission - both the ups and the downs. I know without a doubt that I am where the Lord wants me to be. My world has changed so much in these past 9 months in a way that will definitely help me throughout the rest of my life!

Love, Elder Dransfield

 Lineage Picutre: Talbot trained Perkins, who trained me, who's training McMillan
My new companion: Elder McMillan

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