Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a little bit of news...

David, aka Elder Dransfield, did not have a chance to write a letter for the blog this week.  Just as he was about to do so, he received a phone call sending him on an assignment.  However, here is what he wrote home.  His new address is posted on the blog.

- There are lots of trees and hills in Canton.  I love it!  Findlay and western Ohio were so flat.  It's a nice change.
- My new companion is Elder Bills - he's awesome! Yes, we still live with 2 other missionaries, but I really like these two.  They're older and more mature/work hard.  And they make me laugh till my stomach hurts.
- I watched General Conference.  We watched all of the session at the church building except Sunday morning, we went to a member's house.  Conference was SO good!!!
- Football Hall of Fame: we used to be allowed to go ther (for free!) , but a missionary over-used his priviledge and we cannot go there anymore.
- Life is sooo good right now.  Last week was terrible though, having to say goodbye to the Lays, the Kregers, and the Vermillions.

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