Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodbye Findlay, Ohio

Well... We got a call from the Assistants last night, 4 in our zone are being transferred - including me. So tomorrow morning I'll be driving over to Kirtland to the transfer meeting and there I will find out my new area. Whether or not I'll still be a Zone Leader, I don't know.

I have mixed feelings about leaving. All week I have felt like I would be leaving, so I've been somewhat prepared for the news I guess, but it's still hard. I will go wherever the Lord see's fit that I go and I will work harder than ever in this next area. But it'll be hard to leave the people behind. I will especially miss the Vermillion family. (I've typed about a thousand different sentences just now and erase them all... I don't know how to put my feelings into words). I love them all to death, and being able to see the changes that have taken place and to be a part of that has changed my life. And I'm not just saying that... It really has. I'm going to miss those 3 little girls (4 including the newest addition). I'll miss their funny little drawings, their innocent, sweet prayers, their faces lighting up every time we see them, being called "Mercy!" by the 2 year-old, the 4 year-old answering Jesus! to every question we ask... I'll especially miss "mommy and daddy," who I've had the great privilege of creating an eternal friendship with. Tonight I will not be saying goodbye, I'll be saying "see you later!" because I'll be coming back to Findlay someday. Definitely.

This week we had some cool experiences.
- A church tour with Lori. We invited 5 or so member of the ward to go around the building with us and explain the different functions/rooms in the church. We ended in the chapel and taught the Word of Wisdom. Every member in the discussion with us had quit smoking at some point and were able to bear their testimony of the blessings that have come with quitting. We invited Lori to live the Word of Wisdom, she accepted, and hasn't smoked since. We went over a few days later and she told us she had even quit taking her vicodine medicine (she broke her tailbone)! We asked why and she said because it can become addictive! Haha we told her she could definitely take that medication, just to use it as the doctor directs. It's so neat to see such conversion!

- We had a discussion with Terry about faith and the love that God has. He didn't think that God could heal his leg, so we invited him to pray and ask if He could, not would. A few days later we went back over and he told us, "weird stuff's been happenin' since I prayed..." The next day he was talking to a buddy on the phone who told him that God could heal his leg. Then the next day the doctors gave him some new medicine that has had immediate effects on it's healing. He took those as his answer and is very excited! We then invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He said he would. He called us on our way back home that night and said "We had a good meeting tonight, didn't we?" I agreed that we had a very good meeting. He assured us he'd read and pray and would get back to us. He's making a LOT of progress and we're so happy for him!

Well... I don't have much to say and I have a lot to do... Packing (which I strongly dislike), a hair-cut (which I strongly dislike), goodbyes (which I strongly dislike)... Sounds like it'll be a good day! :)

Love you all! You're in my prayers! Reading the Book of Mormon will bring you closer to your Heavenly Father, I can promise you that.

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