Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And another week goes by

This past week was one of the slower weeks of my mission. We didn't get to teach too many lessons and it proved to be discouraging. But Elder Bills and I were able to keep one another going.

On Tuesday we had that big meeting in Cleveland. It was our monthly Mission Council where the 6 Zone Leader companionships and the Training Sisters meet together with President Sorensen and discuss different business regarding the mission. Half of our meeting is where we counsel, the other half we are taught by Presidnet and his two assistants. We talked about contacting - talking to people on the streets. Following their workshops, we were paired up and sent out into a suburb of Cleveland. My temporary-companion was Elder Farmer (probably the best missionary in the mission). We had some really great conversations and were able to find a lot of people interested in learning more. One girl I almost made fall of her bike as I waved her down. Her name was Gabby and she was so excited to learn more! I learned a lot from Elder Farmer in that hour-and-a-half. Contacting and talking to people is so much fun!

We had another appointment with the Nevilles this week. They are doing great and working hard towards their baptism which will be on July 16th! We might get to start teaching one of Brother Neville's daughters which would be so exciting! What a blessing this gospel can be to families!

We're also teaching Sister Hughes who I mentioned in my last update.
She has been taught all of the missionary lessons and plans on being baptized near the end of July. Elder Bills and I are reviewing all the lessons with her until then. She says I look like a doctor with my glasses on... Hmm...

Last week I worked in a soup kitchen for the first time! I was in charge of handing out the cookies. All the little kids would come to me over and over and ask for more cookies for their "sick" brother or for their mom who just told me she didn't want any cookies... I would then quote scripture to them about lying, fire and brimstone, she bears (2 Kings 2:24), etc. Just kidding. It was great to be able to volunteer there.

Transfers are a week from this Wednesday. That means that I will find out on Monday if I'm staying in Canton or being transferred. It's really a toss-up whether Elder Bills or I will stay or go. We both want to stay together for at least one more transfer, but will go wherever the Lord wants us to go! I will email on Tuesday and let everyone know, but note: I will NOT know where I am going until transfer meeting (which is in Kirtland, OH) on Wednesday.

Sorry this is a kind of lame email... We have lots of dinners lined up for this and next week, so that is a nice change! And the weather is supposed to be great this week. I've been so blessed these (almost) 9 months. We truly do have a loving Heavenly Father!

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Dransfield
This is my zone at a zone-pday

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