Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm being transferred!

So I found out Saturday night that Point Place (where I'm serving right now in Toledo) is being shut down! Which means Elder Perkins and I will be transferred tomorrow (Wednesday) and we'll find out where we are going tomorrow. So until I get my new address, you'll have to send letters to the mission home address.

Elder David Dransfield
Ohio Cleveland Mission
2070 W 117th St
Cleveland, OH 44111

It's been warm here lately which is awesome although today it's really windy! This Saturday is the Ohio State vs. Michigan game... Going to be a crazy Saturday, I'll tell you that.

Don't have much to say so I'll send some pictures.

Miss you. Love you all. God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Dransfield

P.S. I've got the coolest little nephew ever. He's more awesome than all of your nephews (whosever reading this), so accept it, and move on. :)
 Tony Packo's! A member took us to dinner there.  M*A*S*H anyone? I must say, the hot dogs were pretty darn good.

 This is how we eat pineapples that crazy old men give us


Our district (the one who is half in the picture isn't in our district).  It goes:  me, Elder Talbot (ZL), Elder Perkins, Elder Tracy (ZL), Elder Martinez, Elder Hinds (in the back), and Elder Bacerra who is cut in half.
A usual day of service...

I raked most of them...
okay, the truth: the city has this system where people can rake their leaves to the side of the street and big trucks come and suck them up.  Where we are is where they dump them.  But we rake so may leaves, it's probably mostly from us... ;)
Getting leaves out of the gutter for a member

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