Monday, August 6, 2012

The Adventures of Dr. Dransfield, the Three Blind Mice, and NCMO's

Ohhh Monday. Here I am, having no idea what to talk about or where to start. Bear with me...

This week we started teaching a lady named Liz. She is in her 60's and grew up on the east coast with a man who is now a member of the church. He has been talking with her about the church for years, and her Catholic beliefs always caused her to not worry too much about what he was sharing. Two years ago she suffered from a heart attack and other health challenges, and since then even more trials in her life. Her friend, who is now in South Carolina, asked her if she was ready to have the missionaries be sent to her house. She said yes, and that's where we come in (literally!). She is awesome. Very kind, very smart, and very desirous to know if God has really been there for her through all these bad things - is He even real at all? We assured her that all of her questions and concerns, the hungering of her soul, can and will be resolved through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Due to work she was unable to come to church yesterday, but she plans on being their next week! The cool thing is she lives right by two other families from the ward, so she has some neighbors she can rely on for any future help. We are excited for her and hope that she can receive answers to her prayers and reading.

Bonnie is doing great! She got a new job and has had some really cool experiences with the Holy Ghost. I asked her earlier in the week if she could feel a difference, and she's been having lots of testimony building experiences. She said, "I need to write them down, they're starting to wrack up and I'm starting to forget some of them." One of those was when she was at the grocery store. She was going down her shopping list and suddenly had the thought to go and get some vinegar. She disregarded it for it didn't make sense to go across the store for it while she could just work her way there as she went through her list. She again had a very clear and sharp thought/impression to go and get the vinegar now. She decided she should do it and when she go to the isle, there was a little old woman by the sugar who was suffering from a heart-attack or stroke. There was nobody else around and so Bonnie ran to get help and was able to get an ambulance to pick her up. She has also noticed how the Holy Ghost has helped her remain calm in frustrating or stressful situations. I'm grateful that she's noticed all these blessings! Her new job is 3rd shift, but she is just happy to have a job (and have weekends off! Woo hoo!).

Bonnie also texted us last yesterday and I almost fell over laughing. I have to share this and I hope she doesn't care. For those who went to BYU, this will be hilarious. For those who didn't or haven't, ask someone else what we're talking about.

Bonnie: Watching a show on Mormon college life. Now I know what a NCMO "nick-mo" is and a DTR. Ha! I'm having an omg moment myself! Bonnie: At BYU Me: HAHAHAHA oh my gosh, you're kidding me?! What show is this? Bonnie: History Channel! Me: Wow! I can't believe that! I'm cracking up... We're with another member and he's laughing too. How is that history channel worthy?? Bonnie: The history of how religion shaped Utah territory. Bonnie: I have no freaking idea, but I'm a wreck cuz I'm STILL laughing. Now I have the inside of the BYU crew. HAHA

I'm laughing as I retype this. I promise the rest of our texts/phone calls are more purpose driven. That was just too funny and I had to share. Ohhhhh BYU/Utah...

This week one of the Elders in the apartment was sick. To help the other Elders with their schedule (to keep them from having to cancel everything) we shared areas and took turns baby-sitting (or "elder-sitting") him. I took the first day and quarantined him in his bedroom. I put a big blanket up to cover the window, gave him a fan and some cold water bottles, and said, "Go to sleep. When you wake up, go back to sleep. When you wake up again and feel restless and like you want to come downstairs with me, go back to sleep. I don't want to see your face for the next 3 hours. Goodnight!" And thus it was. I deep-cleaned the downstairs, made a million-and-a-half phone calls, and decided that if I had to stay inside for much longer I would whither away. I'm no Martha Stuart, but I survived. He is doing better now, so that's good.

We also found this week some little friends who have been living with us. The first one we named Mickey. The second one was killed before we could think of a name. Just kidding we didn't name them - but the mouse traps took care of the job. Nobody wanted to dispose of the dead bodies so I had to. The second one we found in the morning. We were in the living room and watched it run from the basement door to the kitchen. I walked in after it and as I passed the refrigerator, it jetted out towards me and ran right between my legs. I yelled, somehow manged to throw both legs up into the air, turn sideways and spin 270 degrees mid-air. I then ran back into the living room. I wasn't so much scared of the mouse, it just startled me. But at least it wasn't another cockroach ;)

We had another great lesson with Keith (I mentioned him last week). He came to church and stayed all three hours! He loved it and when we went over later that day for a lesson, he had his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend come and join our lesson. All three should be at church next week! Keith is just on fire right now - he sees how much the gospel has been changing him (and so quickly) and is so much happier than he's been in a long time. He always gets a little emotional during Sacrament Meeting, but does a good job at hiding it! We're excited for him and the great things that lie ahead for him.

I'm so grateful to be back in Canton. I love it down here - the members, the landscaping, the people... Everything is so great. Elder Montgomery and I are doing very well and are having a blast serving together. I hope he or I don't get transferred next week (the 15th in our transfer meeting)! But wherever the Lord needs us, that's where we'll go. Hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Dransfield

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