Monday, July 16, 2012

Another week in July

We kept very busy this week. We had dinner and a lesson with Bonnie at her soon-to-be Visiting Teachers house (who is also the Stake Relief Society President). It was delicious and amazing. We're pushing her date back a week due to some complications with her Kidney Stones. She continues to study diligently and grow in her faith. She has had so much opposition: first her health and now her job. About a month or so ago, Bonnie decided she needed to do something about working on Sundays so that she could come to church and keep the Sabbath Day holy. She prayed and received an answer to simply ask her boss. She did so and received permission to have all of her Sundays off. We were all very excited! Well, a few weeks ago the management was changed and her new boss started to give her grief for asking for all Sundays off. She explained that she would work any day, any time, she just needed her Sunday mornings off. This did not fly very well with her boss. This last week, they began to lay people off and Bonnie only having worked there for 6 months knew that she could be on chopping block. She walked into work this last Saturday and as soon as she did she heard her name on the overhead speaker to come to the boss' office. She went and he pointed out the fact that they had already let one person go and asked if she would still like to request Sunday mornings off. She said, "We live in America - I think I should be allowed to hold a job and want to go to church." And he said something along the lines of "Well, we can fix that..." - he stamped some paper with her information on it and said "you're fired." Talk about receiving opposition. Bonnie is not too worried - she is remaining faithful that things will work out, and she has her masters and much experience with different jobs. We introduced her to the employment specialist and the ward is going to help her find a new job. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" - Hymn #27 Praise to the Man.

I just texted her here at the library. This is our conversation: Us: We forgot to ask you yesterday - have you passed 3 Nephi 11 yet? Her: Yes! Us: What do you think?? What chapter are you on? Her: It blows me away, and I know it's true. I'm starting Ether.

Her commitment and desire is so great. She is amazing! :)

This last week we probably did 10 to 15 hours of service. We weeded and mulched, we weeded some more, we helped organize the sink section at the Habitat for Humanity, and more. It's taken a lot of our time, but it's been nice to serve. They love us at the Habitat for Humanity - probably because we work the hardest out of everyone there and don't get paid for it. They're always confused why we would come there without needing any signatures or proof of service. We have been trying to slip in little comments about the church or our missions here and there. Hopefully we can find some teaching opportunities through it all!

This week was Elder Becksted's 20th birthday. We didn't see any presents or anything come in the mail, so we planned a last minute surprise birthday party at the Holley's (the senior couple) apartment. After our last appointment, we ran over to the dollar tree and bought some balloons and streamers. The Holley's bought a cake (they would have made it but didn't have time) and then called the Elders and asked them to come over and help them with something on the computer. They came over around 9:15pm and we did the usual "surprise!" and singing and cake-eating. We had a nice time and Elder Becksted seemed touched.

Let's see...what else is there...? Oh yeah!!! My new companion...

My new companion is Elder Montgomery. He is from West Jordan, Utah, he's been on his mission for about 4 months, and I already love his guts. He's a hard worker and isn't afraid to open his mouth and teach/talk to people, so we've been going a million miles per hour together. I'm guessing we will serve together until I go home. I'll have a picture and more info about him next week. And hopefully more stories. We've been contacting many potential investigators we've found through our tracting efforts the last few weeks and are having success doing so.

But life is great and the work moves forward! I love my mission and the amazing power of the Atonement in all of our lives. Stay cool and have a great week!

Love, Elder Dransfield

Elders in our district Elder Becksted's 20th surprise birthday party

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