Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The messages heard at conference are guide posts on our path back to Heaven" -Elder Neil L. Anderson (April 2, 2012)

Wasn't General Conference great this weekend?? I can't tell if they are getting better and better or if I'm just listening more and more! All week my companion and I were looking forward to Conference like a little kid to Christmas and were not let down! We watched the first two sessions on Saturday with our Singles Branch at the Institute Building and went to our Ward for the Priesthood Session. Sunday we were at our Ward Mission Leaders house with a few of our investigators (Mya and Angel). I don't think I could chose a favorite and am not really wanting to start sharing my thoughts on some because then I will be at the library for hours and this blog post will be way too long. But I now have a lot of goals and things that I want to improve on now and it's exciting! I loved President Monson's invitation to "be better than we were" in his concluding talk. What a great invitation to repent; to access the enabling power of the Atonement and become even greater! Last week I mentioned the April 2012 Ensign article called "The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality" by Elder David A. Bednar which talks about becoming better than we are. We just need to apply the teachings we heard from the Prophet and Apostles, and for those which are hard for us to do: pray for the strength to do them! Because we can do them! (1 Nephi 3:7) The talk is here: http://www.lds.org/ensign/2012/04/the-atonement-and-the-journey-of-mortality?lang=eng

But the work continues to roll forth! Our Stake had a great baptism this Sunday which we were able to bring Mya (our 8-year-old investigator) to and the Elders and Sisters did an excellent job in the organization and presentations. We went on exchanges this week and I served in Euclid for 2 nights with Elder Plitt. I performed the baptismal interview for the investigator who was baptized Sunday and the rest of the exchange was very pleasant and uplifting. We have such great Elders and Sisters in this Stake and I love getting to serve and interact with them all. Personally, I think our zone is staked with the best missionaries ;) SPEAKING OF SISTER MISSIONARIES --- I have to give a shout-out to my cousin Elise and her mission call to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission!!! That is SO cool and exciting!! :) She's going to be an amazing missionary!

Today for Zone Pday we are going to Little Italy (google it! ...be careful. bahahaha...conference joke...) to an authentic Italian (remember, here in Ohio we pronounce it I-talian, or Eye-talian, (say it with me) Eye...Tallian...) restaurant for some cheap, delicious pizza and then will all be heading over to Case Western Reserve University (where we do our proselyting every Friday--which by the way, last Friday we gave out 20 copies of the Book of Mormon in 2 hours!) where there is an art museum that is pretty well-known (I think the exhibit right now is called Rememberant? or something) and then there is a natural history museum or something rather and the exhibit right now is called Mythical Creatures: Dragons, Mermaids, and Unicorns. Hahaha, pretty random. Not sure if we're going to check out the latter museum. But it will be fun to have some Zone-bonding time.

Sorry I don't have anything profound or interesting to write about this week! Transfers are next week and there is a good chance I could be transferred! And wherever the Lord takes me, I will serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! It's so exciting to be alive! I'm grateful for the perspective the gospel gives me which I am able to share with so many of my brothers and sisters. I am grateful for my family and the example they(you) all set for me and feel so blessed to be sealed for eternity. I'm grateful for the abiliy to change and the countless opportunities our Father in Heaven provides us with to do so. "Now this change was not equal to that which shall take place at the last day; but there was a change wrought upon them, insomuch that Satan could have no power over them, that he could not tempt them; and they were sanctified in the flesh, that they were holy, and that the powers of the earth could not hold them" (3 Nephi 28:39). May we all be as bulletproof to the deceptions of the world and be similar disciples of Christ. This is my hope and prayer! I truly do love you all. Have a wonderful week and a great Easter!

Love, Elder Dransfield

At Mamma Santas- an authentic Italian restaurant in Little Italy in Cleveland. Good pizza!

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