Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm tired

This past week...has been...so long...but has been...so awesome. I had NO idea what being an Assistant to the President entailed. Now I do. And I'm exhausted. And I've never been happier.

I left Toledo Tuesday morning around 7:30am and at 10oclock my time as an AP began as I arrived at a Trainers Meeting and gave a workshop. From then till now everything is kind of a blurr... Wednesday we had to drive to the east side of Ohio to drop off/pick-up a car and then drive down south to Canton (my old stomping grounds!) to pick up a couple missionaries who were going home due to medical issues. We worked with them for the day and sent them off at the airport the next. Then Thursday was our Transfer Meeting, where President Sorensen and us prayerfully decide transfer changes, leadership assignements, and so forth. It was amazing to see how the Lord's hand is so involved in those transfers. We would keep shifting missionaries around until it everything felt right and pieced together perfectly. We even went back on Friday to make a few more big changes. It's been really cool.

We tracted 17 hours last week; we're trying to find people to teach. On Sunday night in our last hours of tracting for the week we found a lady who was SO prepared to meet us and have us teach her family. They have been searching for the right church and have had this inner-conflict of choosing the right one for quite some time. We talked to her about the Restoration and about her family and she really wants us to come meet her husband and kids and to teach them. (We found her at a park-area). Where those 17 hours worth this one lady and her family? Yes.

My companions are Elder Tracy and Elder McClellan. They're two of the best missionaries out here, so I'm learning a lot from them. Elder Tracy will be going home in about 3 weeks (mid-transfer due to school starting) and Elder McClellan has 3 months left. So I'll be replacing Elder Tracy and then very, very soon after we'll be in another triple-up as a new AP will replace Elder McClellan. Elder Tracy is from Washington and Elder McClellan is from Utah. I don't know what else to write about...I'm exhausted.

It's been a lot of fun to get to see and be a part of what keeps the mission running. I now get to interact with so many more missionaries and get to help with preaching the gospel all over the mission. It's a real blessing. New missionaries are coming in tomorrow afternoon, so we'll be picking them up at the airport, talking to them at the mission home, etc. Then Wednesday all the missionaries who are being transferred to a new area will meet up in Kirtland, get with their new companions, and go back out in to the field. So we've been very busy with pulling all the fine-details together.

I know the church is true and I've never been happier than on my mission. I love you all, hopefully next week I'll have more to say and write about.

Love, Elder Dransfield

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